Viatek Spill-no-more Pot Cover

$ 14.99

Don't waste time cleaning up boiled over liquids on your stove. The Spill No More Silicone Pot Cover has been formulated specifically for this problem. Keep your kitchen counters clean and clear of burned-on stains from hot liquids. The Spill No More fits most pots and pans from 6" to 9" in diameter and is make of tough silicone that can withstand boiling temperatures of above 500F.

Stopper Prevents Pots & Pans From Boiling Over While Still Letting Food Breathe

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Fits On Most Pots & Pans From 6"-9" Dia

  • Tough Silicone

  • Withstands Temperatures Up To 500f

  • 11.5" Dia
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