Screen Protector Tablet HD

$ 8.74

Brand new and high quality.
Ultra thin, clear, transparent and durable.
Ultra Smooth Surface can enhance the experience and utilization of touch screen and stylus features.
High transparent and ultra clear, great picture effects.
Protection for your screen from scratches and dust.
Definitely wear-resistant, with its surface dealt with anti-friction and scratch preventing.
Offers tough, durable, transparent Screen Protector while keeping the LCD screen clean and unscratched.
Easy to paste and peel, no bubble, non adhesive residue.
Easy access to all buttons.

Category: Universal 10.1 inch Tablet PC transparent Screen Protector Film
Color: transparent
Material: High permeability PE material
Size: 263 * 173.0Mm
Apply: For most 10.1-inch tablet
Weight: 1g
Packing size: 27 * 17.5 * 0.2cm
Packing: OPP bag

How to use:
1. After cleaning the screen, tear off the label layer of foil;
2 Align one end of the torn foil with one end of the machine and then slowly pull away from the No. 1 label.
3. After the perfect paste, then tear off the second label layer.

1. Foil before, be sure to clean the screen dust, otherwise there will be bubbles or uneven foil;
2 foil to a good bit, not on time, the film can be slightly torn and then posted back;
3. Leave a bubble, you can use a small hard card scraping away bubbles
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