P3 Vibrasonic Molechaser

$ 34.95

Provides Up To 13500 Sq Ft Of Coverage
  • Gets Rid Of Moles Voles Gophers Shrews & Other Burrowing Rodents
  • Patented Motor Drive Generates Powerful Vibrations That Though Harmless To Pets & Humans Are Irritating To Rodents
  • Intermittent Emissions Minimize Chance That Rodents Will Become Immune To Effect
  • anodized With Rich Gold Tone & Crafted From A Single Billet Of Aluminum To Ensure Lifetime Performance
  • Watertight Cap Allows Easy Insertion At Ground Level Protecting Lawnmower & Making It Virtually Invisible
  • Patented Battery Cylinder Allows User To Change Batteries Without Removing Unit From Ground
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