Koblenz Space-saving Storage Bags

$ 19.99

Give goods a secure home in the Space Saving Storage Bags. The air tight waterproof and reusable bags maximize closet space and protect against odors dust and mold. The double closure ensures an air tight seal and the users can triple their storage space by removing the air in the bag. Air tight and waterproof each package contains three storage bags: one jumbo bag (47.25" x 31.5") one medium bag (31.5" x 23.63") and one small bag (23.63" x 19.63").


  • Triples Storage Space By Removing The Air In The Bag Air Tight And Waterproof
  • Maximize Closet Space
  • Protects Against Odors Dust And Mold
  • Double Closure Ensures Air Tight Seal
  • Each Package Contains Three Storage Bags: 1 Jumbo Bag (47.25" X 31.5") 1 Medium Bag (31.5" X 23.625") And 1 Small Bag (23.625" X 19.625")
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