Black & Decker Lithium Screwdriver With Screw Holder

$ 53.56

Dont let loose screws slow you down with the Lithium Screwdriver with Screw Holder from Black & Decker. The LI4000 with LED worklight features magnetic screw holder and SmartSelect Clutch to prevent the dropping and stripping of screws. It also comes with a Lithium Batterytech that can stay charged for up to 18 months and ENERGY STAR rated battery charger.

Smartselect Clutch Provides For Quick & Easy Torque Selection To Prevent Screws From Stripping

  • Forward and reverse Indicator Easily Displays Direction
  • Lithium Batterytech Stays Charged For Up To 18 Months
  • LED Worklight
  • Magnetic Screw Holder Prevents The Dropping Of Screws
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