Allsop Sub-zero Notebook Platform

$ 39.99

The new Sub-Zero Notebook Platform from Allsop has an innovative design for cooling both a user's lap and their notebook. It provides both an ergonomic shape which places the notebook keyboard and screen at the proper angle for uses on one's lap. Patented design channels the airflow from the fan directly to the key hot spots and allows for passive cooling even without use of the USB fan.

Sleek Comfortable Design

  • Places Notebook In The Optimal Ergonomic Position
  • Cool Mesh & Active Cooling Fan Help Maintain Cool Temperatures
  • Fan Plugs Into Laptop Via USB Cable For Active Cooling Or Can Be Stored For Passive Cooling Use
  • Notebook Can Be Carried With The Durable Strap Along The Back and underside Of The Platform
  • Fits Any Size Notebook
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