Allsop Redmond Adjustable Curve Notebook Stand

$ 44.99

Allsop's Redmond Adjustable Curve Stand is designed to add ergonomic benefits as well as style when using your laptop at your workstation. The sliding black feet allows you raise or lower your laptop screen to put it at the correct angle per your height. Plug in your own keyboard and mouse to create the perfect desktop working atmosphere. It will keep you more upright and help prevent neck strain.;;The design includes a hi-tech style with a chrome-like base a dark santoprene-coated shelf to keep your laptop secure and a central grate that helps dissipates heat away from your laptop.

Raises Notebook Screen To Correct Ergonomic Height & Locks In Place

  • Safely Holds Monitors Up To 40 Lbs In The Horizontal Position
  • Adjustable Height 0-27
  • Vent Holes Enable Notebook Heat To Vent
  • Front Lip Holds Notebook In Place
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